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 Homeowners Around the World Have Proved It :

“You can use your house to pay for your house - It’s Legal and it will Save You a Fortune.”

It's true. Homeowners around the world have been paying off their homes in 8-10 years, or "about a third the time." The phenomenon of using a HELOC to accelerate early mortgage payoff came to the United States over a decade ago. But it took United First Financial's 16,000 commission-only sales reps meeting people in hotels and in their homes, pushing the MMA, to get the masses talking about it. The big question is, Is the money merge account's (MMA) $3500 price tag worth it?

Watch the video. Then get your revealing free report, 25 pages, a compilation of previously-published articles on United First Finacial's money merge account. How does the MMA stack up with alternatives mortgage acceleration programs, such as using your own HELOC and managing your own money?


This is mission-critical information. You simply cannot make an informed decision without having this eye-opening report. Reviews have been gathered from a variety of sites and assembled for you to save you time and money. Fill in your name and email address above (privacy and confidentiality guaranteed).


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